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I used to struggle to find something for my family to use for Advent that was meaningful and age appropriate. The one I had been using wasn't a good fit and we ran out of steam half way through.

So I designed the Names of Jesus Advent Calendar.

Although I designed the calendar to teach my kids, I realised I was also benefiting. It was a great way for his truths to sink further into my life.

Spending time each day thinking about Jesus and the different aspects of his character, felt like a teeny Bible study.


It has all you need

» 24 beautifully hand designed cards
» 24 natural wood pegs
» A huge 4m / 13ft natural jute twine
» A handy bag to store your pegs
» A sturdy box to keep it safe every year

Support that will keep you going:
» A list of Bible verses appropriate for each day.
» A daily email to give insight into the name & meaning.

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Advent Calendar unboxing


I missed the Bible verses on my welcome email - can I get these again? 
Yes :) Just message me and I can send you the link again.

Can I post to several addresses?
Each order will be posted to a single address - if you would like multiple addresses, you can enter a different shipping address in each order you put through.

Can I get the daily Advent reflections at once?
Yes - just enter your details in the Advent Reflections page and I will send you a link to download them all. 

When do I get the Advent reflections?
I send out the daily advent reflections each day of December starting December 1. Every year, you will receive them again - for as long as I am in business, even if they're updated along the way. They will go to the email address you entered upon purchase. If you'd like to receive them elsewhere, or have given a gift - you can subscribe on the Advent Reflections page.

What size are the cards, and what are they made from?
The cards are A7 size, and are made from FSC certified 400gsm stock card. I love the quality and they are made to last for well more than the one use!

What is Advent?

The amazing thing about Advent is that it has been around for over 1500 years. It's the time running up to Christmas where Christians wait for Jesus, think about the messiah, and look forward to Jesus' return.

While the core idea of Advent has stayed the same, the practices over time have changed - so in 2018 Christians might find a range of different ways that people celebrate Advent, and is no longer just what people think of as a 'Christian Advent'.

Many Advent practices hail from Europe where it's dark and cold in winter - so lots of Advent and Christmas activities involve candlelight. One of the earliest kinds of Advent tradition was to burn down a candle a little each day until Christmas.

Different Advent Calendars

The Advent calendar is said to come from Germany in the mid 19th Century. People made chalk marks on doors for each day in December and rubbed them out as the season passed. Others put a straw into the manger of their nativity as each day went by.

Before long, Advent Calendars were being produced commercially; Gerhard Lang is credited with the earliest version. As a boy, he had been given a box with twenty-four biscuits attached to the lid. His mother let him eat one biscuit for each day of December. When he joined a printing firm in Munich, he decided to try this idea out in cardboard. With images by a famous illustrator of the time- Ernst Kepler- the Advent calendar was a great success. A new Christmas tradition was created and soon spread all over the world.

Advent - coinciding with the build-up to Christmas - has changed a lot over the years. There are a dizzying quantity of different ways to celebrate, and calendars range from the old-fashioned kind to more elaborate versions which include designer gifts. The most expensive Advent calendar was made from glass, diamonds and gold, and was priced at around AU $3 million.

Advent is a busy time of year where the family often has to make way for visitors, shopping and work obligations. Old or new traditions including Advent calendars are a wonderful way to enjoy the lead-up to Christmas together.